Meet Winifred Gadzama One of the winners of the Peace Ambassador award 2017


Winifred Joshua Gadzama hails from Askira Uba local government area of Borno state. Earlier this year, she made history as the only North Eastener to participate in the Peace Ambassador Pageant and came in 3rd place. She also won two awards at the pageant; Miss amity and Miss ambassador of Nigeria. She is the last of 5 children and is currently a student of Mathematics.

Miss Ambassador for peace
Miss ambassador for peace


Despite coming from the North where pageantry is viewed with much disdain, she had a lot of support from her family. She was motivated by the support she received especially from her Aunt who is her manager. Speaking on her experience at the pageant, she said it was challenging because it pushed her out of her comfort zone being the shy person that she is but it also went a long way in helping her develop confidence.

Miss Gadzama said what motivated her to participate in the Peace Ambassador Pageantry was a desire to see peace restored to Borno state. The opportunity to reach the internally displaced persons living in rural areas with little to no access to relief materials and to go a long way in fighting misappropriation of funds. She also said one of the reasons that motivated her to join the pageant was to change people’s perception of pageantry such as the absurd notion that pageantry is a prostitution ring; she disagreed with this notion by stating that the pageant was actually a modest affair.

Miss Ambassador for peace Nigeria
Miss Ambassador for peace Nigeria

To those aspiring to join pageantry but are constrained by culture she says, “look out for the good in things. They should seize opportunities while they still can”. She also advised parents to be supportive of their children’s dreams. To the youths of Southern Borno she says, “Get out of your comfort zone and do things better “.

She intends to keep training and upgrading herself with the ultimate aim of achieving more in the future.


  1. Knowing that such beauty originates from our homeland is one more reason to be proud. I do celebrate you Miss Winifred Joshua Gadzama.


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