Padded Presidential election ballot papers cartons detected


At 4:00am, on Saturday 23, 2019 in Dala Local Government area of Kano State, deficit of bundles of ballots were noticed by the electoral officers in some cartons of ballots for presidential election, Daily Nigerian authoritatively gathers.

This is coming in less than 6 hours to the presidential and National assembly elections that would be held all over the country.

Officials told DAILY NIGERIAN that they detected shortfall of six and eight bundles in the first and second cartons respectively. Each bundle contains 100 ballots.

The empty spaces in the cartons were padded with some flaps of empty cartons to fill up the gaps.

Incident was reported to the police and local Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, office.

The INEC said 79 candidates are contesting for president in the 2019 election.

The two major candidates are 76-year-old Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress who is gunning for second term and 72-year-old Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP who has contested for the seat a number of times in the past.

One of the padded cartons


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